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5 simple tactics to reduce abandoned carts during the holidays

Just like death and taxes, nothing is certain in e-commerce as abandoned carts. Various studies show that at the end of 45-70 per cent of all carts in a purchase, meaning that you and your online business are fully aware of the frustration that can lead to abandoned carts. And with Volusion predict holiday 9 percent growth to small and medium-sized businesses online this year, counting each trolley.

Fortunately, there are some very common and easy-address that lead to abandoned carts. These include: shipping costs and problems, buyers of navigation products and comparing prices, security and a lack of payment options, which can be overcome by following these 5 steps.

1.Prevent “sticker shock” expedition “

A report of June 2014 from UPS and comScore indicates that 58% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because the purchase total shipping cost more than expected, a phenomenon known as “shipping sticker shock.” This consumer behavior is unique to online shopping, yet understandable why shipping costs are an additional charge when you make purchases at the store. To make a long story short, online shoppers often forget that shipping costs are involved and often do not see additional shipping costs until you reach the checkout page.

To help prevent shipping sticker shock, give a try these tricks:

To implement a tool that allows users to estimate shipping and tax before disney vacation savings travel reach the checkout. This tool allows customers to enter their postal code and State and receive shipping costs before pulling out their credit card.
We offer several shipping options so customers can select the cheapest shipping option.
Have the default shipping option will always be the cheapest to reduce the subtotal of the order.

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Week of digital citizenship

Technology is everywhere. We text, tweet, shop, learn, read the news, play games and online travel plan. For most of us, we live and breathe technology at work, at home and, increasingly, in schools.

Considering how pervasive technology is and with children getting more tech-savvy than ever and new gadgets, social media platforms and released apps every day, to ensure the safety of children online is very important.

This week has been designated the week of digital citizenship – a time perfect for families to think about the role technology plays in their lives, start a conversation on digital security and responsibility and focus on building positive habits online.

When we think about the vast online world, we should look at penis enlargement bible through the same lens that we look at everyday life. How people should act, protect themselves and treat others online are not very different from what enlargement penis bible do offline. We strive all be good citizens in the real world.In the virtual world, we should all strive to practice good digital citizenship.

Penis enlargement bible begins by treating others like you want to be treated, kind and looking for others. The online world should be a place to share what we learn and love, keep in touch with friends and family and an excellent platform to support our favorite causes.

And responsibility and digital security should be a regular and continuous family conversations – part with children learn from their parents, and often parents of learning of their children. But the dialogue did not need to be scary or preachy.

#ShareAwesome is a new national campaign that aims to solve the problems of online security and digital citizenship in a fun and positive way while helping families to create an open Exchange, evolving on positive decisions, without danger during the use of digital tools. The campaign has a hub in line of specialized information, tools, advice, and resources; a contest that encourages students aged 13 to 17 years to share photos and the legends of the great people, of moments and decisions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ShareAwesome for a chance to win technology and the stock exchange prices; and a promise of #ShareAwesome and inspire family and friends to be safer, more intelligent, more positive digital citizens.

Gratitude and 6 other things I learned at boarding school

As a child, I was an avid reader of Harry Potter. Beyond the magic and adventure, I was delighted that the characters lived in the school away from home, but boarding was never in the plans for me. He was the eldest of four children born to a single mother in Western Massachusetts. My foot ever stepped on a University campus, and certainly parents had no trust fund waiting for me. Even so, as the independent 13 years, I spent my eighth grade applying to several Northeastern boarding schools in search of an academic challenge. In July 2008, I received an Oprah Winfrey scholarship to Miss Porter’s school for girls in Farmington, CT making my financial assistance reality.

Now that I am more than two years removed from the date of my goal setting really I have seen the experience. I became fluent in a second language and found calculation; Even I pursued my love of horseback riding up to the University level.The list of skills I have learned in the classroom has been recorded on my transcripts and grades. However, I would say that while I purchased a world class education, some of the most important lessons I’ve learned not quantitatively evaluated.

1 attitude of gratitude

I knew that gout natural remedy report was incredibly lucky in many ways, but had no idea of how detached I was from the concept. Then one day my Junior English teacher began our class on Monday morning with a challenge: all had to come up with something since the weekend for those who were each individually grateful.

Some of us exchanged looks in panic at the thought of withdrawing from our analysis of the scarlet letter and disseminate thoughts prepared. However, the class gradually began to reveal what had made a positive impact in the previous days.I will never forget how shocking find little things: dinner with the family of a friend, achieving the dream, or win a game of grass hockey.

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The truth about letters of recommendation from Advisor

His time of the year when you foul up your college essay, of professors approach for recommendations and start on that dreaded common App College application is a long and complicated experience (but certainly rewarding!). Applications often require a number of different elements, which can throw you in different directions when youre poised to apply.

One of the main elements of the application by the College are the letter of recommendation, namely, the letter of recommendation Advisor. Some colleges require them, some recommend that them and others do not even mention them. Generally, opinions on the recommendation of the Adviser letter vary; Fortunately, HC is here to explain this curious part of your college application!

What is a letter of recommendation from Advisor?

A letter of recommendation of the Adviser is exactly what automatic website software sounds like a letter written by your orientation or a college adviser who advises you as a student.Basically, this is a letter sent to colleges that boasts on a student what great are you, and why a particular college should accept you.

A letter of recommendation should highlight your special skills and personal involvement. Website software automatic should communicate how you go beyond and distinguish yourself from the other students. All this information should be backed up by scholarly statistics, as your GPA and standardized test scores then remain on it!

A letter of recommendation could be the factor that distinguishes you from another competitor student. Each year, colleges and universities receive thousands of applications of somewhat similar students with the application almost identical elements. After comparing the transcripts, notes reviews and GPAs, there are only a few items over which can you set aside, and a letter of recommendation is one of them.

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Arkansas court allows wage Minimum stay of question on the ballot

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas highest court Ark. (AP) determined Monday that a proposal to gradually increase the State minimum wage can remain on the ballot Nov.

The Arkansas Supreme Court has denied the effort of a Little Rock businessman to block a ballot question that will ask voters to raise the State’s minimum hourly wage from $ 6.25 to $ 8.50 by 2017. Arkansas is one of the few States with a minimum wage below the federal level $7,25 an hour. Early voting for the election starts on 20 October.

The businessman, Jackson t. Stephens Jr., said supporters lost a key term for their petition and that some signatures were valid, because kidney stone removal report had been forged the signature of a notary public. Justices said that Secretary of State’s Office certified the question correctly, known as problem no. 5, for the runoff.

“Give Arkansas voters the opportunity to vote by giving Arkansans a raise, hard-working,” said Steve Copley, President of Arkansas to give a raise now, which has made a petition to put the question on the ballot. “We always thought that if we could get this before the voters, would support this.”

Democrats have pushed the wage increase, which is touting as a way to increase turnout in the November elections. First party candidates, including Democratic Party of United States Senator Mark Pryor and gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross has approved the measure this year, and the State party adopted the increase as part of his platform.

U.s. Republican Rep. Tom Cotton, who is trying to unseat Pryor, and GOP gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson, who both said kidney removal stone report planned to vote for the measure after kidney stone removal report was certified for the November ballot.

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5 apps to help you cope with anxiety

Anyone familiar with feelings of worry, stress and anxiety knows that a calm, quiet place is not always easy. As society becomes increasingly aware of anxiety common is – and how much can affect health – stress – busting smartphone apps are appearing everywhere.

While none of these applications should be replaced for the care of a physician, bryan winters all figureday can help with anxiety and everyday stress.

Here are 5 apps that can help you cope:

Figureday winters all bryan is no secret that meditation helps with stress and anxiety, and Headspace aims to make more accessible with 10 brief meditation guided meditations, a page customized progress and reminders to help keep you on track. Space is available for iPhone and Android and is free.

Relaxing melodies
Insomnia is one of the possible outcomes of anxiety and relax melodies to select soothing sounds and create a mix to help you sleep. Bryan winters all figureday can also be used to create a few minutes of quiet in broad daylight. Relaxing melodies available for iPhone and Android and is free.

Anti-Stress quotes
Sometimes all you need are a few soothing words of wisdom to get to somewhere better. In addition to providing quotes, this app lets you save your favorite jokes anti-stress, share them via email and SMS, and post them on Facebook. Anti-stress quotes is available for iPhone and Android and is free.

Available on the web and as an application, calm helps facilitate meditation with a selection of guided sessions ranging from two to twenty minutes.Also includes ten “scenes of nature surround” to help in the relaxation process. Calm is available for iPhone and Android and is free.

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The ECB assess the health of eurozone banks will not dissipate fundamental questions.

After months of waiting, we have just received the results of the assessment of the health of eurozone banks new authority from their: the European Central Bank. Movies download were predictable, but the exercise has limitations, which provide only a partial health bulletin to the result.

What the numbers say.

The 130 banks 25 have insufficient capital. Their aggregate needs 25 billion or 1% of the equity capital of banks in the euro zone. Overvaluation of assets amount to 48 billion euros or 0.15% of the assets of European banks. These figures are reassuring.

The 25 billion, Greek (8.7) and Italy (9.7) accounts for almost 75% of the missing equity. France (0.1), Germany (0.1) and Spain (0.0), the major countries of the euro zone (with Italy), are almost completely healthy.

None of the 20 largest global banks in the euro zone is included in the list of banks with insufficient capital.

This reading is reassuring, and since the methodology, the results are indisputable.

What the review does not say.

There, although three Basel III ratios, that required (leverage, liquidity and capital adequacy) to hold up banks the ECB’s analysis focuses only on lack of capital. The asset quality review is part of the capital.
-The asset quality review rule excludes all forms of reduction in nominal value of sovereign States of the euro area issued bonds. Download movies provided worth their face value, if movies download are held in the core portfolio of euro-zone banks. This ignores that the eurozone has violated an own dogma in the case of Greece and Cyprus. The size of the Government unfortunately, create a systemic worry. Country risks missing from this assessment and all government bonds are as strong as Germany.It would be extremely politically very sensitive.
-Fehlen of the 20 largest global banks in the euro zone from the list poses a question: the choice of banks. Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Portugal represent no systemic risk in itself. Their presence in the sample was purely political and a matter of national pride. Monte dei Paschi alone, which drive to ruin, without the intervention of the Italian Government fell last year would can consider systemic.

Why do many good mortgage loan

Today the housing sector does not provide the economic stimulus that we have come to expect during periods of economic recovery. Of the main reasons is that underwriting rules and practices which determine whether an applicant qualifies for a home mortgage are much tighter today than before the financial crisis.

In part, the tightening reflects changes in market environment that make girl phone numbers generally more risky than phone numbers girl were prior to the mortgage crisis. The most important factor has been the decline in prices between 2006 and 2009, nationally the first such decline since 1930. The very liberal terms that before the crisis were based on a widespread belief that these rebates were a thing of the past. When price changes are always positive, girl phone numbers is very difficult to make a bad mortgage loan. Now that the market understands that can decrease House prices, mortgages are considered more risky.

A second factor was the post-crisis practice of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to require lenders originating loans for sale to agencies to buy them back if no default too quickly. This has caused many lenders to impose subscription rules (hereinafter referred to as “overlays”) which are more restrictive than required by law and regulation,

A third factor was the post-crisis tightening of regulations imposed by law and regulation of subscription. Are not allowed in the types of riskier mortgage that experienced the highest default rates. This includes loans that allow negative amortization where the payment does not cover the interest and loans that only allow interest where payment only convers interests. Monthly payments of today must be fully-amortizing, meaning that if continued through the life of the loan, the balance will be paid upon completion.

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Kaiser Permanente is failing their patients of Mental health

In September, after more than a year, his patients silent and Emperor paid permanent staff finally a $4 million fine levied against him propose by State regulators because the HMO chronic, illegal and often tragic failures in mental health care.

Spurred by whistleblowers complaints from the Emperor’s own mental health doctors, an investigation found guilty, by the State Department of managed health care (DMHC) the HMO “Seriousness” and “systemic” violations of the applicability of California law, mental health patients put at risk. The result: in June 2013 the DMHC beat Kaiser with a $4 million feine– the second largest in the history of the Agency-thousands of patients forces illegally long waits for care, to endure fake patient appointment records, and that hurt California mental health parity Act, which provide HMOs psychiatric services that are required on a par with their primary care.

Kaiser appealed, of course, but given the prospect of a hearing where the public statement regarding emperor would have given inadequate care patients and whistleblowers, the HMO attorneys finally threw the towel. Emperor had tried to negotiate an agreement with the DMHC hoping to avoid one such spectacle but. And as on the first day of the hearing, Administrative Law Judge Ruth Astle fell to seal documents of the hearing and questioned the ethics of the leniency of Kaisers–a former DMHC Prosecutor now in private practice to verteidigen-HMOs regulators – Emperor lawyers saw finally the writing on the wall.

The National Union of healthcare workers (NUHW), which represents 2,500 specialists in mental diseases in more than 100 facilities throughout California, stands with the thousands of patients who have suffered through breach of the applause of the DMHC for Emperor Emperor’s accountable.But Kaiser’s mental health care crisis is far from over. Emperor have designed the DMHC clinicians with plenty of evidence that Kaiser continues to delay and mental health in violation of State and federal law deny care his patients.

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Don’t Tell Me to pray

On April 01, 2006, my middle son, Adam, fell into a coma. I’d been sick for a week with what the medical perception as a virus. Although my mother instinct told me that something was happening inside your body, seopressor assumed the position of seopressor from the point of view that soon would better. When seopressor seemed to be improving, I sent him to his father’s House the weekend. Twenty-four hours later, I received the call that I almost lame. Suddenly Adam with a fever of 105 degrees and had grand mal seizures.

Arriving at the hospital, I knew that things were wrong. He was still convulsing and seemed as if death was only a heartbeat away. I fell on his knees, unable to stand or breathe. Why was this happening to an incredible guy? It was so full of life just a week before, playing basketball at the entrance and preparing to try out for the high school team.

Within hours, he fell into a deep coma.We were told that it would not survive the night and that if he did it, death will probably come within days. They were pretty sure that he had some kind of intractable encephalitis. The news was devastating. But I never lost hope. Adam had always been a fighter. He survived the first night and remained in a coma for nearly a week.

During this time, the visitors kept instructing to pray. If I prayed, you want to be saved. If I found God, who will help me stay strong. Prayer was therapy. God was good. I heard it all this week. But I have never prayed. Not because I wasn’t worried or fearful, but because I don’t pray. I am not religious, nor believe in a higher power. I decided to walk a different path for many years. My faith is based on my spiritual connection to my children. In them I find strength and peace. They are what lifts me and makes me believe that there is still goodness in this world.

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